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The Design Approach To Learning


Land of Odds - Jewelry Design Center for all your beading and jewelry making supplies.

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Teaches you how to make choices
about function and appeal,
movement and context,
when you construct a piece of jewelry.


Start With This Class:


- Learn how to make choices about how to buy beads and other jewelry findings, what goes together with what and when, what happens to all these pieces over time, and what the the quality is of the pieces you are using, whether beads, metals, or stringing materials, and, finally, how to relate this to design goals, and if you are selling your stuff, your marketing goals as well.

The Orientation Unit consists of
- Learning Module
- Guidebook for Creating Your "Stash",
P urchasing Tools and Other Supplies,
and Organizing Your Workspace

Then, select an interest area listed below,
and begin its sequence of classes:


- Learn the basics of bead stringing and attaching clasps, including crimping, stringing with needle and thread, and pearl knotting.

Each Unit consists of
- Set of Project Intructions
- Kits


- Learn to make amulet bags, beaded sculptures, beaded vessels, necklaces, bracelets, loomwork, appliqués and more. Many projects attempt to emulate a piece of cloth or textile. Other projects are more figural or sculptural. There are many different techniques of bead weaving. The most popular are peyote stitch, loom work, brick stitch, ndebele, and netting.

Each Unit consists of
- Set of Project Intructions
- Kits

Already familiar with a stitch?
Need to jog the memory about how to get started,
Or, how to execute a stitch?


- Learn the basics of shaping wire using tools, using wire as structural components, using beads with wire, making chains, making rosaries, making earrings and clasps, and fancy settings and bails for stones

Each Unit consists of
- Set of Project Intructions
- Optional Kits



- Learn design-oriented tools and concepts, including colors and beads, principles of composition for jewelry design, and working with forms and functions in design

Each Unit consists of
- Learning Module
- Workbook
- Application Project


- Learn how to get started in your jewelry making business including setting up a simple accounting system, knowing federal, state and local accounts to set up and forms to fill out, how to price using a formula, sell and market your jewelry, how to market your jewelry on-line, and pointers about doing craft shows.

Each Unit consists of
- Learning Module
- Workbook

See all available Instructions and Kits

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Land of Odds.





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The Design Approach
Program Philosphy
How To Get Started

See all available Instructions and Kits

To Purchase Your Own Supplies or Tools,
Land of Odds.

Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm, Central Time

The Open Window Gallery is located within the Be Dazzled Beads store.

The Center for Beadwork & Jewelry Arts holds most of its classes at Be Dazzled Beads, but some classes at James Jones Studios and other locations as well.

Register to receive announcements of classes, Be Dazzled Specials, happenings in The Gallery under the Yahoo beadschool group.

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Our LEARN TO BEAD program
is based on
The Design Approach:

- Focused on teaching how to make smart choices
- Developmentally-based, where you learn skills in an orderly way, and understand how skills build upon each other
- Easy to follow

You may purchase:
o Written instructions for each lesson
o Kits of Supplies
o Recommended Books

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Beaded Tapestry Competition

Deadline: August 31st, 2014
Winnder: $1,000 shopping spree at www.landofodds.com
Runner-Up: $400 shopping spree at www.landofodds.com




- A Jewelry Design Competition With A Twist

Grand Prize: $992.93 shopping spree on Land of Odds web-site (www.landofodds.com )
Runner Up Prize: $399.07 shopping spree on Land of Odds web-site.

Consider entering our
2012 9th International The Ugly Necklace Contest
Deadline: 3/15/2012
Official Rules




ALL DOLLED UP: Beaded Art Doll Competition

THEME: Transformations
Deadline: August 31st, 2013
Rules: www.landofodds.com/store/alldolledup.htm
Winnder: $1,000 shopping spree at www.landofodds.com
Runner-Up: $400 shopping spree at www.landofodds.com




October 2013 (Enrollment Closed)
2015 (TBA)

Immerse yourself into a week-long study of jewelry design theories, and their applications and manipulations with various materials, techniques and strategies.




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